Night Music: Monkey Wrench

May 20, 2018


Saturday Cabaret On the Drive

May 19, 2018


It was lovely listening to these folks as I waited for the bus opposite the Park this morning.

Image: Na Pali Coast

May 19, 2018

Night Music: Why Didn’t You Call Me?

May 18, 2018

Image: Double Cross

May 17, 2018

SuperValu: The Bookseller

May 16, 2018

When I published “The Drive some years ago, a number of local bookstores helped me sell the volume, and I thank them for all their assistance.  However, the largest single seller of the book — and they sold several hundreds — was SuperValu at First & Commercial.  They put up a display stand near a cashier, sold the book at full price, and people bought it as an impulse buy (I’m guessing) while they waited their turn in line.  I don’t believe they had sold books of any kind before and it was a positive experience for both the store and me.

Today when I was in the store, they were eager and proud to tell me they now had a whole display of locally written and locally published books.


As a Board member at People’s Coop Bookstore, I guess I should be nervous about yet another competitor. However,  I really appreciate the efforts the owner and managers of the supermarket are doing to further the careers of our local authors, and I applaud and thank them!



Night Music: Diaraby

May 16, 2018