Needed: A Moratorium on Spot Rezoning

March 4, 2015

I have now read the Draft Neighbourhood-Wide Recommendations issued by the Grandview-Woodland Citizens’ Assembly.  I have some concerns that the process by which these particular Recommendations came to see the light of day is not explained at all, but I will save my detailed discussion of the proposals until after the public Roundtable tomorrow night when I might get some answers.

However, there is one glaring omission in the Recommendations that must be fixed, and that is the failure to propose a strict moratorium on spot rezoning for a period of time (say 7-10 years) after the Community Plan is approved.

Without some legally binding restriction, the Community Plan will be meaningless: without the restraint of a moratorium, any meeting of Vancouver City Council, on application by a developer, would have the ability to make a change to the zoning previously agreed to by the community, thus making the community’s wishes null and void.

This kind of moratorium should be required for any and all Community Plans. Making sure it is written into the Grandview-Woodland plan would be a fine start.

GW Citizens’ Assembly: First Draft Recommendations

March 3, 2015

The Grandview-Woodland Citizens’ Assembly managers have now released the first draft of their first set of “201503 Draft Neighbourhood-wide Recommendations” that will “inform the next Community Plan’s community-wide policies.”  Later recommendations will include sub-area policies for zoning etc.

I have not yet read these Recommendations and will comment when I have, probably tomorrow.

The Recommendations are to be discussed at a public Roundtable this coming Thursday evening. I urge everyone interested to register.  If you cannot make the Roundtable, the CA will accept comments by email at

Image: Library Exterior V

March 3, 2015

Library Exterior V copy

Twenty Five Years Without A Car

March 3, 2015

It has now been twenty-five years since I sold my last car and didn’t replace it.

I always hated it whenever my car broke down (especially when it wouldn’t start in the morning) and I hated the bother of parking even more. Eventually I said to hell with it.

Since 1990, we have relied on public transit (now that we are seniors, thanks for the pass!), taken a lot of taxis (door to door, no parking), been the recipient of many lifts from friends, and rented a car whenever we have wanted to go out of town or just needed to bulk shop.

My guess is that we have saved about $5,000 a year doing without a car. All I have to do now is figure out why I don’t have that $125,000 savings in the bank!

Night Music: The Jelly Beans

March 2, 2015

The Drive” at Canterbury Tales Bookstore!

March 2, 2015

Big shout out to Canterbury Tales bookstore at 2010 Commercial Drive who just placed a big order for copies of my “The Drive” history today!

The book is currently available locally at Canterbury Tales, the People’s Coop Bookstore, and Super-Valu.

Poem: Another Sunday Morning

March 2, 2015


the air

after all that rain

had the texture of twilight fireworks



gently above the ground

then bursting into a sun-splashed grey.


the chill

had gone while those

of faith pondered greater mysteries


and those

who preferred a faster tempo

drew other conclusions from the game.



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