Poem: Triage

February 20, 2017



Losing a lover is like

losing a limb

or a necessary organ:

take whatever drugs you want

to ease the pain,

it still hurts like hell

in the morning



Taking a new lover is like

another transplant:

the dose of anti-rejection drugs you need

just grows and grows.

And as the skin thickens

it takes a harder push

each time

for the needle’s point to pierce your cover;

and each drop of blood seems redder

and more precious

than the last

until you decide

at last

that the payoff is not worth the pain

and you consign that part

of you

to an oblivion

that is not complete

to a decision that is not whole-hearted

to a diagnosis that hurts

like a lover leaving.



Image: Barrels

February 19, 2017


Night Music: Let Yourself Go

February 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Yoko!

February 18, 2017

Today is the 84th birthday of the irrepressibly creative and interesting Yoko Ono. Each year is worth celebrating more.

Yet Another Reason Capitalism Sucks

February 18, 2017

I happened upon a story this morning about the problems Ford engineers are having with their driverless cars. Apparently, the ride is so smooth that even trained engineers fall asleep while testing the machines, and the company is spending a small fortune on ways to keep “drivers” awake. Talk about a First World problem!  Auto companies and technology giants are spending literally billions of dollars on solving the problems that driverless cars have.

Meanwhile, just down the road in Flint, Michigan, thousands of people are still having to drink bottled water because the delivered water is not potable and no-one really seems to give a damn. I am guessing that Flint’s problems will not be solved in advance of us “celebrating” the first millionth auto-car to hit the road.

That’s capitalism for you.


Image: Las Vegas Lobby

February 17, 2017


Night Music: Little Green

February 16, 2017