Night Music: With The Greatest Respect

August 16, 2018

And earlier today we lost the incomparable Aretha Franklin.


Night Music: The Wonder of You

August 16, 2018


Elvis left the building 41 years ago today. Still one of the greats!

Image: City Abstract #7

August 15, 2018

Night Music: Always On My Mind

August 14, 2018

Image: Inside The Tower

August 13, 2018

Poem: Martyr

August 13, 2018


He had long ago accepted the loss as permanent,

but that acceptation was merely a gloss, as yet skin deep,


not yet having bled into the very marrow of his being,

nor led him to that place of serenity.


His bitterness lay as deep as the roots of cedar in shale,

following tracks as distant and serpentine as the staged attacks


of true hackers working their miraculous juju through the internet

ether, and forever ending in a sad soiled grace.


And, though he could choose to confuse his loneliness with tragedy –

as if he were the sainted prophet of his own persecuted


exarchate in exile — it was but loneliness nonetheless,

and it hurt as bad as the arrows of martyrdom.


Night Music: Just Like Starting Over

August 12, 2018