Night Music: Sweet Little Angel

September 22, 2018


Image: Blintzes

September 21, 2018

More Appreciation of BC’s Medics

September 20, 2018

The Everloving and I spent a good portion of the day today at VGH’s Kidney Clinic where we met with a social worker, a nurse, a dietitian, and a pharmacist to discuss the current state and the future of my deteriorating kidneys.

It was a remarkable series of meetings. We learned a great deal of useful information about food, about how to read and understand blood work results, and how to manage medications within the context of the disease. Perhaps more importantly we learned that we are now part of an incredibly supportive team.  Everyone at the clinic, from the receptionist to the doctors, were kind and courteous, and they gave of their service entirely without any judgement or insistence on harsh rules.

I understand that not everyone is or will be fortunate enough to find all the help they need. But for me, there are no complaints and I am deeply grateful for all the assistance that the BC medical system provides.

Night Music: Last Tango on 16th Street

September 20, 2018

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September 19, 2018

Night Music: Different Drum

September 18, 2018

The Election Races Forward

September 17, 2018

I seem to have been writing, on and off, about the 2018 Vancouver municipal election for months. But now we finally find ourselves with the full list of registered candidates and only just about a month before the big day.

We finished up with a record number of contestants for this election: 21 people standing for the Mayor’s job alone (with only one winner), along with 71 wannabe Councillors (just 10 to be chosen), and another 33 each vying for Parks Board and School Board, which have 7 and 9 seats respectively. There will be a lot of disappointed candidates come October 21st, but at least Vancouver’s voters will have been given a wide choice — no bad thing.

Just to make things a little more complicated, the candidates for each position will not be listed in alphabetical or party order. Apparently it was thought that candidates with names beginning with “A”, “B” or “C” have an advantage over those with names starting with “W” or “Y” or “Z”.  Therefore, the candidates will be listed in random order in a draw to be made soon.

I understand the reasoning for this change, but I don’t agree with it.  Listing the candidates in random order — especially when there are so many in each category — guarantees that name recognition and/or party slate voting will play a larger role than it should.  I believe the dangers of that are at least as great as having to deal with lazy voters who don’t look beyond the first half of the ballot.

My selections may change over the next month, but as of today, my plan is to support David Chen for Mayor and the following Council candidates (in alphabetical order):

  • Sarah Blyth
  • Christine Boyle
  • Adriane Carr
  • Pete Fry
  • Lisa Kristansen
  • Rob McDowell
  • Derrick O’Keefe
  • Mirza Rezel
  • Anne Roberts
  • Jean Swanson

Although I recognize their importance, the fact is I just don’t follow School or Parks Board, so I don’t feel comforable selecting favourites.